Hearing Aid Cost

What does a Hearing Aid cost?

When you go to a professional and high quality hearing care practice such as Zounds, you would expect to pay a premium. But at Zounds, we do everything possible to pass on the hearing aid cost savings we negotiate to you. As a result, you can expect to spend between $1,990 to $4,998 per pair at Zounds Hearing in Cleveland. This cost includes all of your exams, wax removal, adjustments, follow-up services, and loss and damage insurance. These prices can save you thousands of dollars compared to other audiologists and the big hospitals in Cleveland.
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Quite simply, we also believe that you shouldn’t need to spend an arm and a leg for high performance hearing aids and quality care from Cleveland’s top audiologists.

What makes hearing aids more or less expensive?

Hearing aid costs depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of your hearing loss and the degree to which you want to regain hearing in more challenging situations, such as church, socializing, and dining out. We carry a broad range of options from multiple manufacturers, including Siemens, Signia, Starkey, Zounds, Widex, Oticon, and GN Resound to give you choices for your lifestyle and budget.

Will insurance pay for hearing aids?

Your insurance company may pay for your hearing aids, but you do not need coverage to take advantage of our complimentary hearing test. To purchase hearing aids, your insurance plan or union membership may provide assistance or qualify you for discounts.

How do I find out what my insurance coverage is?

To save you time and ensure you get the most coverage, a Zounds insurance specialist will contact your insurance to determine the benefit and eligibility available. Once the benefit or discount is verified, we will bill the insurance company directly for you so you don’t need to worry or hassle with paperwork. Contact us with your information so we can save you hours of waiting on hold. Our insurance specialist will be happy to get these answers for you!

Are you a network provider for my insurance?

hearing aid cost with insuranceZounds Hearing of Greater Cleveland is proud to be a preferred provider for hearing care in the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield network, and we also participate in several other insurance and referral programs. In fact, we are constantly working to get credentialed in new insurance programs, so call us to find out.

Does Zounds offer financing options to pay for my hearing aids?

Yes. At Zounds, we offer financing choices from Care Credit® and Wells Fargo Health Advantage®. This means you can receive better hearing now and then pay over time using one of several different payment plans. 0% financing plans are available to those who qualify with credit approval.

How much will it cost in batteries each year to use my new hearing aids?

Nothing if you buy our rechargeable hearing solution! The premium digital hearing devices sold by Zounds Hearing feature rechargeable batteries and come with a charging station. This means that rechargeable hearing aids need only an overnight charge in order to deliver maximum battery life. When you buy a rechargeable solution from us, we will replace the rechargeable battery inside the device at no cost for the life of the warranty.  Buying our rechargeable hearing aid solution can save you $200 per year or more on batteries alone

Does Zounds offer warranties on its hearing assistive devices?

Yes.  Hearing aids from Zounds come with 2 or 3-year manufacturer’s warranties. All manufacturer’s we carry include loss and damage insurance in the hearing aid cost, so that you know you’re covered if you happen to lose or damage a hearing aid.

Will Zounds charge me if I need to make future adjustments to my hearing aids?

No.  We will not charge you for adjustments or follow-up visits. Additionally, after your hearing examination and during the fitting process, our Audiologists will ensure that you are fitted with a set of hearing aids with room to adjust should your hearing loss change.

Is there sales tax if I purchase hearing aids?

No.  There is no sales tax on hearing aids and most hearing aid accessories in the State of Ohio. This means your hearing aid costs lower than you might expect!